About myself




Few words about myself

I am a musician and a singer.

I have discovered Gardel and the Tango Argentino in the mid 80's; since then I have deepened my knowledge of the Tango Canción starting to build up a collection of music and sheets.

At the beginning of 2001 I have started going to milongas and had the first true contact with the danced tango. Thanks to the beloved Maestro Felix Picherna who was very happy to share his knwlodge with tango passionates such as me, I started to listen correctly at the tangos and orchestras used in the milongas; since then I have been researching and collecting music for myself in order to become a good milonguero.

In 2014 I had the lucky chance to start studying wth the M° Jorge Dispari who, besides being a great Dancer and Milonguero and a superb Tango teacher, is a great coinnosseur of the Tango music and had been - along with Felix Picherna - a renowned musicalizador in Buenos Aires.

He transmitted to me so many basic concepts on how a musicalizador should behave and anectodes about his professional life as a musicalizador that I decided to take lessons from him and turm me into a good musicalizador for the milonga.

In October 2015 I did my first musicalisation in a milonga and sice  june 2016 I am resident at the "El Cabeceo" (Lo de Angie) in Roma Fiumicino.

I did my service as musicalizador in all the best known milongas of Roma including Il Giardino del Tango, Tanguera, Los Latinos, El Cascabelito and others, and have served also in Florence, in Bari and attended Festivals in France and Spain.

I am actually following a professional study program with the M° Damian Boggio, in order to get always better and better.

Besides the knwloedge of the repertory and the professional concepts, I am an audiophile so I am always looking for the best possible sound quality for my music and my sets, because I firmly believe that a good service is done to the milonga also by providing the best possible sound.






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