The sources of my music




Sources of my music Hi-Res Files and my sound equipment

As I am an audiophile, I have an obsession to try to always get the best possible sound.

I am using a computer to pass music in the milongas because I think it is the best possible way to achieve a good sound and also the greatest operational flexiblity for the service of selecting music for a Milonga.

I use a dedicated computer with usb ports dedicated to the music data flow, an external DAC (Cambridge Audio), a tube preamplifier and a multi band equalizer whenever needed.

The music player I prefer and use is Foobar2000.

The spare/emergency equipment is another laptop with an M2tech dedicated DAC.

Of course all the cables used are of good quality, such as Mogami, Ricable, Audioquest.

When needed I use my own professional amplification and cables made by Montarbo and Rcf brand equipment, so it is possible to arrange events also where an audio system (or a good quality one) is not available.

Most of my Audio Files are in the FLAC format, few of them in Wav and M4a format.

Many of them come from the site Tangotunes, many other from Japanese publishers suc as CTA, PARK and AMP, from Cd or vinyls that I have ripped/digitalised on my own. Several of my files are digitalized directly from the few good condition 78rpm shellacs that I could put my paws on.









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